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About My Prices


Years ago I was on a spelunking adventure to the Church Cave in Kings Canyon National Park (California). When our group reached the cave, another group was putting up bars to keep everyone out of it. They said that people going into the cave would eventually destroy it, so no one should go in at all. Ever. My immediate question was, "then what's the point of the cave existing at all?" Thankfully they didn't succeed, and the beautiful cave is still open today.


I realize not all believe that God created this world, but I do believe that these beautiful places aren't meant to be hidden away. I feel blessed (or as some would say, lucky) to be able to venture out into the wilderness and witness spectacular landscapes. And thankfully I have a wonderful wife who supported my spending money to get the right camera equipment to attempt to capture even a fraction of the beauty—beauty I love sharing with you. Sure, my hope is that it will point people to see the Creator behind it all, but even if it can't convince someone that God made it, I still believe it should be shared.


Not everyone can afford the prices listed on my site. I get it. So if you see a landscape that you love, email me and make me a fair offer of what you think you can afford. No strings attached. I can't promise I'll agree, but my heart is to say yes. Why? Because I don't think such beauty should be locked away.

God Bless,